Cross Media Campaigns

There are a number of effective methods you can use to engage and interact with your client and prospect list. All can have varying degrees of success, but if used together they can prove incredibly effective.

Direct Mail

A well designed and beautifully printed piece of direct mail literature will leave a lasting impression of your business. We can help with creating an eye catching design, advise on materials, personalise with names and addresses and even organise the postage for you direct to your client.


Contact via email is an incredibly cost effective mean of encouraging interaction. Great for one off promotions or offers, you can get your message in front of your clients in an instant. Utilising our indiGOMAIL software, we are happy to manage your whole project from start to finish, or we can set up our system to give you full control to create, edit and send your own messages.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest (to name a few) are all, if used appropriately, great methods of interacting on a slightly less formal basis. They can be used to increase traffic to your main website, or for a specific promotion as well as just letting your customers know what kind of projects you are working on at any given time. We can help you set up and brand your Social Media, and in most cases link the feeds automatically to your website.