You may have notice a few changes at CVN Print lately. We’ve been busy over the last six months refreshing our brand, website and premises to reflect how CVN Print has grown and expanded over the last couple of years.

Our new branding took inspiration from something we look at everyday in our office and factory. Colour blocks used on our full colour printing runs and pantone swatches for spot colour ink mixes. We also chose cyan, greys and black as the main branding colours as we felt these would reflect a fresh and up-to-date look.

When was the last time you reviewed your company branding? For most companies, a logo is created and implemented and that is where the process ends. As a result, your brand will quickly loose its appeal and will steadily blend in as ‘just another logo’.

Our team can creating logos that are both eye catching and relevant to your industry, as well as being perfectly adaptable to both printed and online media. Once the your company branding as has been designed, we can then roll it out throughout all of your stationery, promotional literature, website and signage.

We do lots more too…

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